Corporate Cash Passport

Drive real cost savings by taking control of your company's foreign currency transactions.

We can help your company manage your overseas staff expenses.

Corporate Cash Passport permits you to pre-load US Dollars or Euros offering control of budget and convenience.

Corporate Cash Passport can be used by your employees to withdraw money from ATMs or to spend in shops and restaurants worldwide, just like a debit card.

Want to know more about our Corporate solutions?

Contact your nearest Cash Passport Purchase Location below for more information.

Purchase Locations Phone Website 
Advanced Corretora de Cambio (11) 3065-1000

Banco Daycoval

0300 111 2009

Confidence Cambio

Fair (11) 3191-2521/2533

Intercam Corretora de Cambio

0300 777 1000

Novo Mundo

(11) 3078-6151 0800 723-6333

Banco Safra

(11) 3175-8267


(11) 3709-5870