Corporate Cash Passport Solutions


Corporate Cash Passport Solutions is a Multi-currency Prepaid Card Platform for organisations of all types. It offers an alternative to cash, cheques, credit/debit cards and bank transfers when making disbursements and payments.

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How does it work

  • Create your cardholders in real-time and give them a card
  • Cards get activated by you or your cardholder
  • Load/Unload cards in line with your needs
  • Download your data for reconciliation


  • Multi-currency Instant Issue Cards
  • Connect via APIs or a web portal
  • Data for reconciluation
  • Load or unload funds as needed
  • Approval feature via web portal
  • Bulk processing
  • Cardholder servicing





Used for:

  • Business expenses
  • Employee T&E expenses
  • Employee per diem allowances
  • Customer compensation (e.g. airline passenger compensation)
  • Payout (e.g. supplier commissions or incentives)
  • Payroll

Contact your nearest Corporate Cash Passport Distributor:

Distributor Phone Website 
Banco Daycoval 0300 111 2009

Confidence Cambio


Banco Safra

(11) 3175-8267


Spend Control

  • Multi-currency card solution
  • Load and unload as needed
  • Load approval optional
  • Safer and easier than cash advances


Cardholder Convenience

  • Easy access to funds
  • Easy access to transactions
  • Safer than cash
  • Worldwide acceptance


Operational Efficiency

  • Easy system to load/unload
  • Bulk processing
  • Real-time processing
  • Multiple use cases and worldwide acceptance with online or physical retailers

Corporate Card Passport in action…

Business Expenses

Our clients use our solution to centrally manage business travel expenses and other business expenses. It is ideal for ad-hoc purchases or covering interview expenses or as an alternative card solution to corporate credit or debit cards. No more cash advances or messy cash deliveries or budgetary control issues or waiting for a card application to be processed. Companies also benefit from a multi-currency payment solution to secure exchange rates.


A number of our clients, use our solutions to pay staff or suppliers frequent or infrequent commission or incentives. Our solutions provide the flexibility to issue payment more easily than through cheques or bank transfers and without having to maintain thousands of payee’s bank details.



Airline Per Diem Allowance

Clients such as Virgin Atlantice Airlines use Corporate Cash Passport to enable a more cost effective and streamlined payment process of airline crew per diem allowances that also benefits the employee. As the crew boards the plane, per diem allowances are being loaded via our systems.




Clients such as British Airways use our solutions to provide immediate compensation to passengers to ensure the best possible service in difficult circumstances and to comply with passengers right to compensation. Our Compensation Cards offer a much easier, familiar and experience to vouchers alternatives.