Single Currency Cash Passport


The Single Currency Cash Passport is a secure and convenient way to manage your budget when travelling overseas.

It's preloaded with your funds for use online and at millions of ATMs and merchants including shops and restaurants abroad.

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Three individual currency cards

The Single Currency Cash Passport is available in three individual currencies. You can choose to load USD, EUR or GBP. 

Whether you are travelling overseas or shopping online, pay in foreign currencies to avoid exchange rate fluctuations.

Lock in exchange rates

Know exactly how much you have to spend

Get a fixed exchange rate each time you load your Card.

Locking in the value on the day of load (or reload) could help you to avoid exchange rate fluctuations, and will make it easier to focus on enjoying your holiday or grabbing a bargain online from overseas retailers.

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Easy Access to Your Money

Pay in store, withdraw local currency from ATMs, and pay online.

Cash Passport is a prepaid single currency Mastercard accepted at millions of locations worldwide to pay in-store, shop online or withdraw cash from ATMs.

While a little bit of cash is helpful, carrying a lot of cash isn't particularly safe. Opt to simply pay in-store or online and stop carrying large amounts of cash. If you do need access to cash then you can withdraw funds out at ATM locations worldwide that display the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.  Click here to find a location near you.


Manage your Card

Manage your money online

Register for My Account to view your available balance, track your spending, manage your personal details, reveal your PIN and more.

How to Reload

You can reload via the Purchase Location where you bought your Card. To do this you’ll need your Cash Passport, a form of payment, your CPF ID and your RG ID.

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Fees & Limits - Single Currency Cash Passport


Fees & Limits Description USD EUR GBP
Card fee Please check with the Purchase Location
Load/Reload fee Please check with the Purchase Location
ATM fee per withdrawal* $2.50 €2.50 £2.50
Purchase from merchants
(e.g. shops and restuarants)

Monthly inactivity fee debited from your Card if it has not been used for 6 months

$2.50 €2.50 £1.70
Additional / Secondary Card linked to the same funds $3.00 €3.00 £3.00

Negative balance fee

$15.00 €15.00 £12.50
Cash over the counter fee (e.g. cash advance at banks and bureaux de change) $10.00 €10.00 £7.50
Cashout fee at the Purchase Location $15.00 €15.00 £12.50

SMS balance enquiry / mini-statement fee**

$0.15 €0.12 £0.10

Maximum amount you can withdraw from ATMs in 24 hours*

$1,000 €800 £600

Maximum amount that you can spend at merchants (e.g. shops and restaurants) in 24 hours

$10,000 €8,000 £6,000

Minimum amount you can load or reload on your Card

$100 €85 £65

Maximum load and maximum balance allowed on your Card at any one time

$20,000 €17,000 £12,000
Maximum load over 12 months*** $60,000 €50,000 £36,000
Additional Card linked to the same funds 1
Secondary Card linked to the same funds 1

* Some ATM operators and merchants may charge an additional fee or set their own limits. Please confirm whether any applicable fees or limits apply, before making withdrawals or purchases.

** All SMS services may not be available, charges will only apply to services offered.

*** The total amount you may load onto all prepaid cards issued to you by us during any twelve (12) month period. Merchant transactions and ATM withdrawals in a currency other than the currency of the Card will be exchanged to the currency of the Card at an exchange rate determined by Mastercard on the day the transaction is processed, increased by 5.5%.

Please note that all fees and limits are subject to variation in accordance with the respective Cash Passport Terms and Conditions. Please click here for more information.